Our Services

We accept most of our audit engagements from accountants. Our services are a convenient way for accountants to avoid conflict of interest and to ensure audit independence. Our specialization ensures that we are familiar with the SIS Act and Regulations.

Our internal processes and systems enable us to ensure that audit engagements are managed in an efficient and timely manner. Our internal processes ensure that all financial audits and compliance engagements are conducted in accordance with Australian Auditing Standards and Standards on Assurance Engagement.

We offer accountants a secure ‘Log In’ to the ‘Audit Portal’. Our system enables accountants to monitor the progress of all audit engagements, download forms, upload requisite documents, access prior period audit reports issued by us, quickly and efficiently request new audit engagement.

We have in place rigorous internal processes to ensure that our services are conducted in an accurate and timely manner. We consistently strive to be cost competitive.

We invite you to engage us to find out more about us and our services. Engaging us is as simple as 1 2 3…
1. Submit your firm’s details
2. Upload, fax or post requisite fund documents to us for auditing
3. If everything is in order an audit report and invoice will be emailed to you on completion

Why Engage Us:

1)   Benefit from our expertise: We are a specialist SMSF audit firm. In fact this is all we do. We are one of the leading firms in the industry. We attend to more than a thousand audit engagement each year.

2)  Achieve True Audit Independence: Ensure that the audit is done without any conflict of interest, is objective and with independence of mind and appearance. Engage us to ensure that the audit is conducted without the self-interest threat (Para Aust 290.41.3) and self-review threat (Para Aust 290.41.4).

3)   No Fee Surprise: Our fees are fixed. See our fee schedule.

4)  Benefit from Audit Portal ™: Audit Portal is our proprietary SMSF audit client management system that allows you 24/7 access to track progress of all audit engagements, pending/outstanding requirements and other engagement details.

5)  Maintain total control of your client: We work with you – we will never approach your client, unless you direct us to contact the client.

6)  Outsource your audit risk: Outsource the audit to us and free up your time to concentrate on your core business.